Mobile Food Solutions

How Businesses Benefit from Our Mobile Food Solutions

Almost any industry can enjoy the advantages of Affordable Mobile Kitchen Rentals for a variety of reasons. However, some of the clients or occasions best served by our mobile food solutions are construction sites, nursing homes, office cafeterias, corporate remodels, special events, and emergency response facilities. Our kitchens can go wherever you want them to, so if your employees need to travel to different sites--which is often the case in industries such as construction and film--their food can travel with them. That way, no one goes hungry.

Portable kitchen trailer rentals are ideal for circumstances where normal sources of food may not be available. When a natural disaster has struck, emergency response teams can use our kitchens to help communities get back on their feet. Alternatively, you might be remodeling your building and have to close your cafeteria for work, leaving your employees without a food source. Having a mobile service keeps them energized and performing at their best for you.

We provide temporary commercial kitchens.

Complete Your Event with Our Mobile Food Concession Trailer

Good food is a requirement for any special occasion, whether it’s a party, event, or fundraiser. Affordable Mobile Kitchen Rentals offers an easy way to provide it to your guests and give them a variety of choices while doing so. Each kitchen is equipped with a stove, sinks, deep fryer, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, ovens, a ventilation system, and more, so you can cook anything any time. You’ll find that guests are far more likely to show up and enjoy themselves when there’s plenty to eat.

Renting a Mobile Kitchen Unit Breaks Up Monotony

Even when you have a talented chef heading your office cafeteria or nursing home, a change of pace works wonders for morale. Our equipment is capable of cooking thousands of meals every day, so you’ll have no problem feeding everybody a spectrum of dishes. With our weekly and monthly options, you can have it as long as you and your residents or employees need.

Our temporary commercial kitchens are easily available nationwide. The team brings them over and set them up, so all you need to worry about is cooking and serving. We put our more than 20 years of experience to work teaching you how to use the equipment and supplying free quotes when you call for information. Talk to our fully licensed and insured company today.

Contact us to determine the solution that best meets your needs. Our company is based in Wayne, New Jersey, but offers service nationwide.