Mobile Food Solutions

Quality Mobile Food Solutions

When you need prompt, on-the-go meals served to employees, customers, or people in need, turn to our team for speedy mobile food solutions. We are equipped to move our trucks wherever they’re needed most, including locations such as:

Construction Sites
Film Sets
Nursing Homes
Emergency Response Facilities
Office Remodeling Sites

At Affordable Mobile Kitchen Rentals, our services allow you to keep everyone energized by providing a convenient source of tasty food wherever they are currently positioned. We’ve also been called out to areas that have been struck by natural disasters and might not have access to food. Our solutions allow these communities to get back on their feet more quickly.

We provide temporary commercial kitchens.

Fully Equipped to Meet Your Needs

No matter what type of event or gathering you’re hosting, having one or more food trucks on-site can make serving guests much easier. Each kitchen is outfitted with a stove, sinks, deep fryer, walk-in refrigerator and freezer, ovens, a ventilation system, and more, so you can cook anything at any time. Each truck is fully equipped to serve your office party, fundraiser, or any other occasion.

Our mobile commercial kitchen rentals are capable of cooking thousands of meals every day, so you’ll have no problem feeding everybody a broad spectrum of dishes. We offer our truck rental services nationwide, and with more than 20 years of experience, we can easily meet your needs. Whether you’re looking to treat your construction workers, or you require disaster relief kitchen rentals, we are here to serve you.