About Us

A Reliable Mobile Kitchen Rental Company

Kevoooo Catering, LLC understands that preparing food on-site for an event is easier than cooking it somewhere and transporting it to a site. For years, we have served clients that appreciate the provision of a trailer or food truck that saves time and effort while making it easy to prepare all kinds of foods. Turn to our mobile kitchen rental company for convenient and competitively priced equipment.

After identifying a need among caterers and others for kitchen equipment, we started the business that allows for on-location food preparation. In response, we set up an operation that gives you a choice for mobile kitchen rentals. Availability includes various options and configurations, but we can also customize a space based on your requests.

If you have been wondering how you would serve food to your guests, attendees, crews, etc., on location, you can stop worrying. We created our enterprise to make planning for meetings and events easy and convenient. Our company focuses on mobile trailers or food truck rental that is hassle-free. Contact us to learn more about our operation.

We look forward to helping fulfill your need for food preparation equipment.